Downtown LA Architecture: Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice was the centerpiece of the LA County justice system. Opened in 1926, the hall’s 14 floors have over the years housed the county courtrooms, the 520 double cells of the county jail, offices for the LA district attorney, the public defender, sheriff’s office and the coroner.

The facade is Italian Renaissance in white granite.

Notable prisoners at the jail included Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Manson, who called the accommodations “Stone Age,” mobster “Bugsy” Siegel, Evel Knievel and Robert Mitchum on marijuana charges. Autopsies performed in the coroner’s office include those of Marilyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy.

The Hall of Justice was built on the former grounds where LA residents did their lynching. Currently boarded up after Northridge, there are restoration plans to again make it the Sheriff’s Headquarters.
Read more about the fascinating and sordid history of the Hall of Justice at <a href=”″>LA Times</a>.

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