Found Photos: World War II Weapons in Bizerte, Tunisia

A set of 11 original black and white photos from World War Two showing unexploded US and enemy bombs/abandoned weapons around the city of Bizerte after The Tunisia Campaign. The Tunisia Campaign was a series of World War II battles that took place in Tunisia in the North African Campaign of World War II, between forces of the German/Italian Axis, and allied forces. On May 7, 1943, British armor entered Tunis, and American infantry entered Bizerte. These photos are from a collection that belonged to a Navy Gunner’s Mate.

Caption on back: "75MM Gun Pit"


Caption on back: "Also laid some close, too close!"


"Underwater obstacles not yet sewn"


Caption on back: "20 MM M.G. emplacement overlooking beach silenced h-hour +8"


Caption on back: "beach barrage rocket"


Caption on back: "teller mines"


Caption on back: "500LB US Bomb"


Caption on back: "cluster of US A.P. bombs"


Caption on back: "50KG 'Jerry' bomb"


Caption on back: "another mortar that almost had the range"


Caption on back: "one of which dropped some close ones"

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