The Great Thrift Store Post-Punk LP Score

From the Things I Wish I Still Had files:

On my way home one day, I stop by the Out of the Closet on San Fernando for a quick glance. It’s late, they’re almost about to close. I scope out the books, see nothing, then move over to the vinyl. That’s when I spotted the boxes. The instant I started going through them I was pulling out gem after gem. There was another guy there, but he was only taking a few things. I got the rest. I went up to the counter with about 75 lps, and they said there were a couple more boxes in the back. In those boxes I found the Decline of Western Civilization and the No New York. I was sweating and freaking out so much it was hard to pick and chose. I couldn’t take them all (I didn’t have enough money in my account), but all told I got about 150 lps, and they only charged me $100. This is a sampling of about a quarter of them, the ones I ended up selling to finance a … well, it was important at the time. It’s kinda painful to remember the ones that are gone now, especially this one, the piece de resistance:

TATER TOTZ: Alien Sleestacks from Brazil
1988 Gasatanka/Giant Records

Unfinished Music Volume 3
Features Jeff McDonald, Pat Fear, Steve McDonald, Pat RuthenSmear, Trace Element, Ricky Starr, and Danny Bonaduce. With Michael Quercio, Dave Landry, Dave Nazworthy, Qwynne Kelly, Rebecca Tucker, Tim Ferris, Doug Graves, Steve Robertson, Tuesday Starmaker.

Give Peace a Chance/We Will Rock You
Let’s Get Together
Tomorrow Never Knows
I’ve Just Seen A Face
Bat Macumba
Don’t Count The Waves
Bharta’s Boogie
Part 1: Elvis has Left The Building
Part 2: Now That The Buffalo Are Gone (Revisited)
Part 3: Revenge of Bill and Barbara (Lidsville and the Turbov Incident)
Part 4: Man Who’s Teeth Were All Exactly Alike
Part 5: (not available)
Part 6: Sick Sixx
Part 7: Rita Lee Superstar
Part 8: Child With Child
Part 9: Wendy’s Got A Laugh Track
Sing This All Together
Bat Macumba (Reprise)
Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Got Her Hand In The Snow)

Yes, it was still sealed. And no, I didn’t get a lot of money for it on ebay, which made selling it all that more painful.

Here are some of the others I parted with:

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