Show Review: Texas Terri at the Sunset Junction Street Fair 2001

The 2001 Sunset Junction really was a madhouse of hipsters and leather clad exhibitionists, extremely hot with little shade and overpriced EVERYTHING, including the bullshit $5 “donation” at the door.

I avoided most of it because of the heat but made sure not to miss Terri’s set. When I walked up they were blasting through “Raunch City” and then went right into “To The Top.” They played (uhmmm, I’m trying to remember the set list) “Oh Yeah,” “Situation,” “Mafia,” and others I forget. The usual set-ender “On the Street” was made even more phenomenal when T-Ray passed his bass to Mike Watt and they broke into “I Got A Right” by Iggy and the Stooges… fucking stellar!!! T-Ray then proceeded to jump into the swirling moshpit as I got elbowed against a stage monitor, where I remained for the rest of song watching Mike pump that bass for all it was worth!!! Most likely to keep up with Terri and the remaining Stiff Ones who were playing full-tilt!!

This write-up in the LA Weekly suggested that Mike played the whole set, but it was just one song.

Nevertheless, I have to say it was up there as one of my favorite shows, just for sheer energy and because people were actually mixing it up.

Here’s a list of the rock bands playing at the Junction that year.

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