Zine Review: Boyd X #6


Boyd X #6 December 1999
Toledo OH . full ss . 52 pps

What is Boyd X? Is it a glorification of porn? Strip clubs? A class project? A half-assed attempt at professionalism? Inspiration for potential stalkers? A collection of rants on white boy angst, how not to attract women and whiney opinion? A haphazard presentation of short scripts that embody all of the above in well-written, two person dialogues? Whatever you want to classify this zine as, two things are frighteningly clear: Boyd is obsessed with the image of woman and he’s a pretty good writer. He knows his subjects well enough from a reclusive, and oft-times paid, observation to capture his feelings as to why he is unable to associate with women or the world more than at a superficial level. A lot of the female images in Boyd X are taken right out of the media, collages of fashion ads, magazine covers and pin-up girls (including a pic spread on a girl referred to as Ravishing Ria, who bears no more significance than being the brunt of Boyd’s current obsession), a combination that seems to suggest that part of Boyd’s problem may be the fact that he is impressed, or just plain too aware, of what society and the media is filling his head with and not trying to actually separate the woman from the image or the world from its televised representation. He writes in the intro that the virtue of this zine is the grade he will receive in a literature course, but I can’t help but think that a psychology professor would be more interested in this… or perhaps the proper authorities.


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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