Zine Review: Breakfast #1


Breakfast #1
Vincent Voelz . Andover, MN . half ss . 48 pp

I’ve never really been into breakfast foods. I’m lactose intolerant, not a big fan of pork products or eggs and just prefer to start my day with cigarettes and coffee. I really liked the way this zine looks and thought I’d give it a try, as I was out of town on a business trip and there was a cool looking diner across the street from the guest house at which I was staying. I half expected Mel to start yelling at Flo from the kitchen, as I sat on the plastic cushioned seats with the tacky starburst metal frames straight out of the seventies and all my traumatic childhood memories of my mother throwing cereal boxes at us to shut the hell up when we fought over the toys inside, but I went with the pancake special, and sipped my Folgers coffee, wondering if this crap town had a Starbuck’s at least (hey, it’s better than nothing) and flipped through this zine. The layout is superb, given the fact that this is a first issue, and filled with all sorts of articles about breakfast, Vincent’s favorite meal. The special came with eggs and sausage and when it arrived I let the links harden even more on the saucer and poured imitation maple syrup over the pancakes and dug in. I was actually starting to enjoy myself when my stomach started to rumble in rebellion to the solid food I was filling it with and I quickly looked around for the restroom.


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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