Zine Review: Gush – Poems and Pictures


Gush – Poems and Pictures
Attaboy . Walnut Creek, Ca . wide ss

The appeal for Gush is apparent at first glance. The full color cover draws you in with exciting and vibrant graphics. Inside the pages radiate with a plethora of b&w cartoon images complimenting a precise layout. The poems themselves are as casual as the design. With title such as “Zombie Undead Hair,” “Roach In the Oven” and “I’m Supposed to be Pudding,” the objects of Attaboy’s affections play into his comical and simple approach. The fonts at time can get kind of hectic, but all in all, probably just adds to the fun. And it comes with a post card/sticker!


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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