Zine Review: I’ve Got The Fever You’ve Got The Cure


I’ve Got The Fever You’ve Got The Cure
Lindsay Beamish . Los Angeles, Ca . 116 pps . half ss

One of the most visually stunning zines I’ve come across in a very long time. It reminds me of those old literary journals from the 60s when it wasn’t about high tech resolution but resourcfulness with design that made a publication worthy of attention. And that is exactly what the author of this massive work accomplishes with “I’ve got the fever…” The layout is precise and visually appealling: clip art and various other stark, b&w images and photocopy art frame the typewritten cut and paste text, complimented by a stenciled, cut-out cover. The writing is sophmoric at times but mostly it delivers. I was a little bored with the first part which seemed to lament the fact that the author couldn’t find the soul mate that she desperately wanted; however, as it progresses, she seems to realize that love may not be the most desirable predicament and towards the end, a voice emerges that controls the prose and gets to the bottom of it all. I can only hope that she continues to write in this vein and produce more wonderful self- explorations in her writing and design work. Highly reccomended and given the number of pages and the price, one hell of a bargain as well.


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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