Zine Review: Java Turtle #3


Java Turtle #3
Lynne Lowe . Santa Barbara, CA . full ss . 26 pps

This issue of Java Turtle is an excellent example of the good writing one can find inside the otherwise rough exterior of a side stapled, full size zine. With a good combination of clip art, comics and illustrations, the size and layout make it very easy to read. Imperfections and typos aside, I was quickly drawn in by Lynne’s adventures at the 1999 Alternative Press Expo, braving El Niño and the story of how she met Mike Tolento, whose artwork adorns the cover and is featured throughout the zine, her experiences setting up the Santa Barbara Zine Fest with Ruel Graviola of Amusing Yourself to Death, an interview with John Marr of Murder Can Be Fun; a zinester’s book survey, trivial facts on turtles and coffee, as well as a few rants, memories and even some poetry… all of which make Java Turtle a great collection of interesting and entertaining material that also provides an informative personal history of the zine world. After reading it from beginning to end, the humble appearance and flaws only make it that much more endearing. Well worth the investment of time and petty cash.


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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