Zine Review: Reddog Review #2


Reddog Review #2
Asha Anderson . Talent, OR . 32 pps

I just picked this up, started to read and couldn’t stop. Which says a lot for Reddog Review given the number of zines I have lying around that remain neglected for months at a time. Easily classified, I guess, as travel literature, it is certainly not as boring as most journal-like travelogues. Asha details her trip to Hawaii with compelling bits of history and lore about the beaches and islands she visited as well as relating her own experiences hiking through the volcanic mountains. The writing is excellent and the zine also includes a few illustrations that compliment the narrative. Since Asha and her partner made it a point to stay away from the touristy areas and keep to relatively uninhabited areas of the islands, as I would do myself in such an exploited vacation destination, if I were going to Hawaii, I would want this zine in my carry-on as a guide and inspiration to some of the places I’d want to check out.


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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