Zine Review: The Assassin and the Whiner


The Assassin and the Whiner #1 & #11
Carrie McNinch . Los Angeles, Ca 90048 . half ss

What impresses me most about this comic is that it has no qualms about exposing all the personal aspects of its creator’s life through well-drawn images and candid stories. Beyond “bi-curious” her sexuality plays a big part in #1 as she tries to find the courage to talk to a checkout girl she has a crush on, coping with menstruation, boredom, moodiness and a new job. It would seem that by putting these otherwise sheltered perspectives of her life out in the open she is affirming her right to experience them. If only we could all have that kind of courage. In #11 she describes her experience moving to be with her girlfriend back east, dealing the climate change and the eventual failed relationship. Once again she is not afraid to expose her private feelings and tells this sensitive story wonderfully and with cathartic finesse.


Review by Kelly Dessaint. Read more zine reviews here.

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