The Freeze’s “No Exposure” – a little ditty about fanzines

Here is a satirical look at fanzines from the punk band The Freeze off their first album “Land of the Lost,” released in 1983.

It’s fanzines like mine
That will ruin your scene
‘Cause I see things my way
There’s no in between
My parents finance it
So I do as I please
Bringing all opposition
Down to its knees

You’ll get no exposure
I have no scruples
Brainwashing my hardcore pupils
If your band doesn’t take out
an ad in my zine
I’ll pretend you broke up

My pictures are perfect
My layout precise
To maintain the quality
I jack up the price
One day a band’s in
The next day it’s out
I guess we don’t know what
We’re talking about

Although the sound quality always sucks on these things, here is the song from youtube:

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