Carla Bozulich from The Pages of Sex & Guts 4

From Sex & Guts 4. While I was editing the proof at a coffeehouse in Los Feliz, a young homeless guy with black, crusty feet, wearing a dress and hustling the passers-by, noticed one of these pictures of Carla. He freaked out, saying that he had seen the Geraldine Fibbers in Atlanta and then followed the band to LA. At first I was dismissive, thinking it was the schizophrenia talking, but I found out later that he was a real stalker. A total creep. Of all the madmen that called Los Feliz home, he was one of the most frightening. He terrorized the locals and started fights. I’d seen him get his ass kicked on more than one occasion for talking trash to the wrong dude. The cops must have picked him up twenty times that winter. Whenever I was in the neighborhood, he harangued me about the book, when it was coming out, asking if I could pass a message on to Carla. I avoided him at all cost, but he was impossible to shake once he noticed me. Eventually, he became so unbearable, ignoring my requests to back off, that I poured a hot cup of coffee over his head. He didn’t even blink. Just smiled, like I’d done him a favor.

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