The Cult of Teddy Ruxpin

Cades Cove Methodist Church

The Cult of Teddy Ruxpin was the brainchild of Brett and Vic. As the outcasts of Saks High, they found great pleasure in being contrary. Since the Christians were always talking about devil worshippers and cults, they decided to start a cult of their own. The stuffed talking bear was the most absurd icon they could think of to worship. They scrawled “Teddy Ruxpin Rules” all over school, on desks, cafeteria tables, their lockers and the bathroom walls. There were slight variations, such as, “Teddy Ruxpin Is God,” “All Hail Teddy Ruxpin,” or “Teddy Ruxpin Is My Savior.” But the message was always the same. They knew it was stupid, but it alleviated the boredom. And it pissed off the Christians. So that made it worthwhile.

— from A Masque of Infamy & Piltdownlad No. 8.5 – The Cult of Teddy Ruxpin (the zine)

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