FOUND PHOTOS: The 80s Glamour Girls Collection


The 80s Glamour Girls Collection

A few years ago I acquired a collection of photos from the estate of an amateur photographer. He was part of a group of photographers who solicited female models through various organizations to gather in public spaces, mostly parks and recreation areas, for photo sessions. There were numerous photographers that vied for shots of the models and their work was later judged for prizes and awards based on the best photo and the best model.


Taken together, these photos, of which I have over 200, not only document the 80s through real examples of fashion and genuine aesthetic, but also the subtle exploitation of the girls by this one photographer. Behind the lens was more than just a shutterbug looking for the perfect shot, but also a perverted eye. And for that, we can appreciate his work for its beauty and its kink appeal.

I have collected the photos on this tumblr page.


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