The Flying Crotch Shot – A Masque of Infamy Excerpt

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“As a kid I used to watch WWF wresting all the time. Everybody was a Hulkamaniac, but I preferred Macho Man. He had the best manager. I was really into it and I’d try out moves on my little brother. I’d put him in chokeholds and leg-locks. I even pile-drived him once. But one day, he wasn’t around, so I set up all the cushions from the couch on the living room floor, had them all laid out like a body resting against the ropes. I was about to do my finishing mve—the Flying Crotch Shot. I ran across the entire length of the apartment and dove ass first into the pile of cushions. But I missed. Landed right on my tail bone. Wipeout! Hurt so bad I saw white flashes and lost my breath. I was at home alone too, rolling around on the floor gasping for breath. I felt like such a dumbass. So now, my ass is broken.” — from A Masque of Infamy

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