MY BIO: Kelly Dessaint was born and raised in Los Angeles. At fifteen, he moved to Alabama, where he ended up in a mental hospital and then state custody, an experience documented in his autobiographical novel A Masque of Infamy. After graduating from the University of Alabama, he lived and traveled across the country, working odd jobs and gathering material for the stories he has published under various pseudonyms in small press magazines and zines. In 1998, he founded the publishing company Phony Lid Books, which released titles by numerous small press authors and the magazine Vagabond Review.

After going broke and half-insane, he started a band called A Nervous Splendor. In 2010, he launched Piltdownlad, a personal narrative zine that is currently at issue number 10.5.

He currently lives in Oakland and drives a taxi in San Francisco.

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This site is a repository for various content from the many sites I’ve created and abandoned over the years, including, but not limited to:

Exile in Downtown: iphone snapshots of downtown los angeles landmarks

Ackpfft!: the daily bizarre, now defunct – mostly a way to amuse my wife while she was a work by posting all the crazy shit I saw online

Salvaged Artifacts: found photos and ephemera

FyUoCuK.com: old site for my zine and small press publishing activities

Print ‘n Platter: former online bookstore/record store

Phony Lid Books: my publishing company

A Nervous Splendor: a band