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No matter how clever you may think you are, I was using this bit of wordplay on the internet before anybody else. So FUCK YOU! I started the site in 1998 and kept it going until about 2004 or something. At the height of the mayhem, these were the top 100 keywords that brought people to the site.

1. people fucking
2. dirtygirls
3. ugly people
4. dirty girls
5. saggy tits
6. unwound
7. trent reznor
8. skank
10. big saggy tits
11. other
12. fucking people
13. vampire porn
15. skank ho
16. ugly fucking
17. bitchslapped
18. ugly
19. revenge tactics
20. ugly tits
21. emolo ron poetry
22. ugly people fucking
23. naughty photos
24. bottle fucking
25. pick pocket
26. edmond burke
27. glitterdome
28. pocket books
29. how to pick pocket
30. crack baby
31. nathan graziano
32. rave websites
33. pointed tits
34. tattooed tits
35. pierced genitalia
36. christina martinez
37. bootlicker 39 0.3%
38. fucking ugly people
39. zine reviews
40. transvestites
41. naughty natalie
42. david mcnamara
43. texas terri
44. farting
45. www.ugly
46. cat biting
47. ang kiukok
48. fucking ugly
49. ugly girls fucking
50. delusions of granduer
51. big hanging tits
52. long tan legs
53. anal insertion
54. trent reznor new orleans
55. goth porn
56. stag movies
57. michaelangelo sketches
58. angry thoreauan
59. pistol whip
60. nerve cowboy
61. dirty rotten imbeciles
62. ugly saggy tits
63. super calloused fragile mystic
64. female vampire sucking cock
65. naked punk chicks
66. judah bauer
67. vicarious traumatization
68. waiting for the parade
69. hanging tits
70. no tits
71. nate graziano
72. mommy tits
73. carnival of harlequin
74. some girl
75. rave poetry
76. two dicks in one hole
77. people fucking people
78. phony
79. iquana
80. pam grier tits
81. hank chinaski
82. brown bottle
83. peoplefucking
84. queens of the stone age
85. menstruation pic
86. ugly fuck
87. big buttocks
88. nostradomus
89. hangingtits
90. ugly hanging tits
91. people fucking
92. talking of michaelangelo
93. errol miller
94. little tits
95. dr
96. phony lid publications
97. lovedream
98. lucid moon
99. www.dirty
100. skinny tits

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A Poem Written for me by Scott Wannberg


The Heavy Metal Executive Branch

of The Ongoing Process of



Kelly to

be the first

freedom fighter


set foot

(minus shoe)

on The

Newly Articulated

Planet of

Kill the Bullshit.


Kelly begins to sing

The New Technology

takes off his clothes

and begins




Scott Wannberg


Scott was an amazing poet who passed away in 2011. He was one of the greats.

Related Posts: Salutes You! was the website I started in 1998 to represent my publishing endeavor Phony Lid on the web, as well as serve as an e-zine for all the material that didn’t make it to print. So no matter how clever anybody who uses this moniker on the web these days may think they are, I was using this bit of wordplay first. I kept it going until about 2004 or something.

Over the years, I used an assortment of middle fingers for Here is a sampling:

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