The Bus: Cosmic Ejaculation of the Daily Mind in Transit
A novel by Steve Abee

The Bus is a novel in the tradition of Miller, Kerouac and Whitman, a personal history set in Los Angeles, a lyrical journey down Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards as the narrator travels through as many worlds as streets, from Echo Park to the ocean, to pick up his car from the auto mechanic. The Bus is an epic, a mad cataract of pure lyric prose, a river of city-sprung words.

“A literary seer who speaks the language of billboards and boulevards, Steve Abee elevates the experience of our neighborhoods to soliloquies laced with the celebratory bitter tongue of city life. On our streets we hear the sound of words dying, but in the house of Abee they land in a heart rich with the blood of langauge.” —Luis Alfaro

“Steve Abee is the Walt Whitman of up-from-the-gutter contempo poetry, the Kerouac of every corner you’ve ever slimed by without listening to the music of word-drunk skeeks and beautiful mutants with matted hair. The Bus is a naked celebration of love for the damaged, and damaged love - the gritty yin and savage yang of the real Los Angeles.” —Jerry Stahl

“Abee is the love-powered bullhorn blasting down from the altitudes.” —Beck

“Relentless prose that demands the reader to devour passage after passage, only to be left soul seared and simultaneously re-invigorated.” —Lydia Lunch

“In pursuit of prophetic agency, Steve Abee grabs at each thought as it is presented to him, and squeezes it until it glows like a cultured pearl.” —Lewis MacAdams

“Abee brings light to the unlit donut stores of consciousness. His complex imagery conveys the many windows of the everyday.” —Danny Weizmann


paperback . 192 pages . 5.25x8 . cover photos by Jesse Hopkins . ISBN: 1-930935-19-6


steve abee by jesse hopkins


Steve Abee is from Santa Monica, born and bred. He began writing after high school when he held a job as an orderly at St. John's Hospital. His mind started to unfold itself and he thought if he was going to save it he better start writing things down.

He attended UC Santa Cruz for two years as a Creative Writing/ Literature Major and studied independently with the awarded writer Lucille Clifton. He dropped out and came back to Los Angeles where he worked as a cook, a cab driver, furniture mover, but mostly as a cook. He graduated in June 1994 from UCLA in 1997 and has been teaching English to seventh graders in Silverlake since.

Abee has been reading and writing steadily in Los Angeles since the 1980's. He has read over a hundred times at all manner of performance space:The Onyx, Al's Bar, the Club House, Beyond Baroque, the Living Planet in Long Beach, at Ark studios, in the Launderland Silverlake laundry mat, on the Blue Line City train, at the Lollapalooza shows in San Diego and L.A. during the summer of '94, the "Local Legends" show in the Long Beach Spoken Word Festival, "When Words Collide" with Michelle Serros, Ellyn Maybe and Luis Alfaro and at the venerable City Light's Bookstore in San Francisco with writers Dave Alvin and Jimmy Jazz, and the 1999 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. He has read on the radio: KXLU's "Echo and the Sense" with Christine Palma; KCRW's "Man in the Moon" with Liza Richardson.

His publishing record includes underground comic zines, such as Marcel Dujour's HO!, to literary magazines like Quarry West, to a spoken word CD, Jerusalem Donuts, produced Harvey Kubernik. He has self published six small books of poetry and other work with his own GLUESTICKPRESS: 20 Poems, Finished Product, Visions to Los Angeles, Die for Love, Gasoline 24 Hours, and Queen Dandelion.

Incommunicado Press published Abee's first collection of poetry and fiction, King Planet, in January of 1997. Abee is currently working on a novel, tentatively titled Saint Loser, or The Last Days of John Future.

Abee resides with his wife, Cathy and their daughters, Penelope and Maya in Echo Park, Los Angeles.


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