a novel by Joi Brozek

Sleeveless is the darkly humorous and provocative story of Lisha, a sardonic and very twisted teenager living on Long Island in the late 80s, dealing with the accidental death of her younger sister after a botched DIY abortion. Alienated from her peers and a fanatically religious mother, Lisha begins exploring the creative potential of self-abuse, through what she refers to as skin design.  

When her razor art becomes the latest trend at school, it’s all she can do to maintain the purity of her original vision and protect the memory of her sister. Employing a variety of styles and shifting tempos to describe Lisha’s descent into an inner-world of visceral creativity, Sleeveless is an intensely psychological novel, a stunning debut by this gifted writer.  

“This is a terrific book. The structure, the style, all come together organically to produce a reality/hallucinatory story that doesn’t alternate between the two, but creates its own images and defies you to differentiate between the two, and leaves you with the question, is anything real? Damned if I know.” —Hubert Selby Jr.

"Joi Brozek is one of those rare writers who truly understands not only craft but also the emotional depth that is such an integral part of it. With an uncanny comprehension of the bleak and darker regions of the human experience, her writing is fierce, thought provoking, often cynical and darkly humorous, but consistently intelligent and honest." -- Greg F. Gifune, author Night Work

"Joi Brozek's work is so full of hatred and anger! And REVENGE! Great stuff, though. FASCINATING stuff! Read it!" -- Peter Bagge, Hate Comics

"Joi is one fucked up chick." --Nick Mamatas, Northern Gothic

paberback . 192 pages · 5.25x8 . cover photo by Jesse Hopkins . ISBN: 1-930935-26-9

Alternate cover by Dame Darcy:


Copyright © 2002 Joi Brozek & Phony Lid Books.


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