Edited by Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch

fully illustrated . 280 pages . 8.5x11 . ISBN: 1-930935-29-3 . cover art by JK Potter

A collection of interviews, articles and short stories that charges headlong into the sleazy world of b-movies, exploitation, rock ‘n’ roll, smut and the celluloid underground...

Featuring twenty-nine interviews with noted independent film makers, musicians, writers, comedians and performance artists: John Waters, Nico B., Larry Wessel, Luis Fernandez de la Reguera, Stuart Gordon, Lloyd Kaufman, Asia Argento, Laila Nabulsi, Margaret Cho, Ben Meade, Jim VanBebber, Steve Wynn, Jello Biafra, Chris D., Johnette Napilotano, Dave Schramm, Rennie Sparks, J.G. Thirwell, Simon Stokes, Carla Bozulich, Jim Goad, Nick Tosches, Steve Abee, Mary Woronov, Jonathon Ames, Cynthia True, Vanessa Skantze and Ron Athey...

fiction by Hubert Selby, Jr., Gene Gregorits, Monah Li, Lydia Lunch, Nick Tosches, Bibbe Hansen, Kurt Lee, Daryl Edelman and Jerry Stahl...  

articles and reviews on Lech Kowalski, Eddie Cook, GG Allin, David Peace, Scottish Realist Cinema, making a porn film and prison love...  

And the Anti-War Speech, "Women And Children First," by Lydia Lunch.  

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_____ TABLE OF CONTENTS ______

Fuck Art/Let’s Kill
Introduction by Gene Gregorits

Death Defined by a Thousand Cuts
Introduction by Lydia Lunch

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon With John Waters
Interview by Lydia Lunch and Gene Gregorits

Nico B: Art/Sex/Pig
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Death Valley Rising: Steve Wynn
Interview by Gene Gregorits

from Waiting Period
Fiction by Hubert Selby Jr.

On The Trail Of The Assassins of the Dead Kennedys: Part One, Jello Biafra
Interview by Chuck Nolan

Dead On Camera: The Films of Lech Kowalski
Article by Gene Gregorits

Jim Goad vs. The Chattering Gerbils
Interview by Lydia Lunch and Gene Gregorits

Hatchet Job
Reviews by Mike Ryan

It'll Give You Lines Around Your Eyes: Johnette Napilotano
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Save The Planet, Kill Yourself: Larry Wessel
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Nesbitt Family Portrait (from Johnny Behind the Deuce)
Fiction by Gene Gregorits

Tiny’s Tite Spot (from Johnny Behind The Deuce)
Fiction by Lydia Lunch

Rumble Tumble: Luis Fernandez de la Reguera
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Nick Tosches: Squalor and Splendor
Interview by Lydia Lunch

Louie at The Sink of Venus
Fiction by Nick Tosches

Story by Bibbe Hansen

Talking Poor with Dave Schramm
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Blowing Me Softly
Article by Kathy Jo Kramer

Steve Abee
Interview by Lydia Lunch and Gene Gregorits

from The Bus
Fiction by Steve Abee

No Rest In The Middle Of The Night: Chris D.
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Motherhood Is Not Compulsory
Article by Lydia Lunch

Organic Lovecraft: Stuart Gordon
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Chew on This, Manhattan! Mary Woronov
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Go Read a Fucking Book
Reviews by Lydia Lunch

Crapmaster: Lloyd Kaufman
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Scat Man: Jonathan Ames
Interview by Lydia Lunch

New Honky Tonk Nightmares: Rennie Sparks
Interview by Lydia Lunch

Last Train To Abyssville: The Films Of Eddie Cook
Article by Gene Gregorits

Asia Argento: An exorcism
Interview by Billy Chainsaw

"So, I Hear You're Writing a Book on GG..." Or: The Truth Is Kind Of Important When You're Destroying Rock 'n' Roll
Article by Joe Coughlin

Fear and Loathing in Hollywood: Laila Nabulsi
Interview by Lydia Lunch and Gene Gregorits

Dark Night: David Peace
Article by Cathi Unsworth

from 1980
Fiction by David Peace

Vaginal Horse Flies
Fiction by Kurt Lee

Scottish Realist Cinema
Article by Robbie Edmonstone

Symphonies of Assault and Battery Acid: J.G Thirlwell
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Margaret Cho
Interview by Lydia Lunch and Gene Gregorits

Ideas Are Not Enough: Ben Meade
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Die Screaming in America: Cynthia True
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Every New Day is a Shove
Fiction by Daryl Edelman

The Slow Burning of a Goddess in Exile: Vanessa Skantze
Interview by Gene Gregorits

New Loops
Article by Mark Kramer

Amazons & Coyotes & Simon Stokes
Interview by Gene Gregorits

from Plainclothes Naked
Fiction by Jerry Stahl

Beautiful Fibber: Carla Bozulich
Interview by Gene Gregorits

The Violent Disbelief of Ron Athey
Interview by Lydia Lunch and Gene Gregorits

Story by Monah Li

A Brief History of Sex & Guts Online
Article by Tracy Qualls

Gut Punch: Into the Mind of Jim VanBebber
Interview by Gene Gregorits

Women and Children First
Anti-war speech by Lydia Lunch




Dangerous Minds




released in 2003 . a paperback original from phony lid books.


Phony Lid Titles

A Masque of Infamy
a novel by Kelly Dessaint


Sex & Guts 4
edited by Gene Gregorits & Lydia Lunch


The Bus
a novel by Steve Abee


a novel by Joi Brozek


Memoirs of a Street Poet
poems by Frank T. Rios


Unborn Again
poems by S.A. Griffin


Erratic Sleep in a Cold Hotel
poems by Marie Kazalia


Dillinger's Thompson
poem by Todd Moore


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