full color cover by Louis Metz

Unborn Again
by S.A. Griffin

Street Date: March 13, 2001 . Paperback . 128 pps . 5x7 . Cover by Louis Metz . ISBN: 1-930935-17-X

A collection of undeniable, mind-blowing LA poetry from the award-winning writer, original Carma Bum and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.

"S.A. Griffin has everything that makes a poet great - raw talent, keen observation, and  the ability to write with empathy as well as irony. Like a cocktail olive floating in a martini, S.A. Griffin's gift is an intelligent, literate optimism awash  in a vast jaded sea." -- Pleasant Gehman, Princess of Hollywood

"teacher/leader/promoter/publisher - s.a. griffin operates in the truest poet tradition of carnival & glee.  his verse has reached personal clarity, a focus attained at any time in a poetlife when u just might think u really have something to say.  beleve it." -- tony scibella, kid in america

"S.A. Griffin's poems come from the planet of empathy. He rocks to a solar system of kindness. These beautiful imagistic poems are all love poems to Earth and it's people's foibles. Unconditional love -- the high cost and the ever greater need blending into syllables and alphabets that nourish." -- ellyn maybe, The Cowardice of Amnesia

"Griffin's L.A. voice is tough and gentle, urban comedy sporting one hell of an edge.  And, his world of poetry is more often than not a very dangerous business.  Every good poet gives us something.  Griffin gave me those stars over Hollywood and that hard detective moon." -- Todd Moore, Dillinger

"It's an LA, California, book as it opens, but quickly Griffin turns his LA into poetry... his anti-art brings forward and into focus a world that is real." -- Michael Basinski

"The dubious glories of downtown LA bars, readings and phone sex, foot races with perverts in the park after three-hour baths. If Griffin's powers of observation were honed much sharper he'd be classified a lethal weapon." -- Jim Chandler

photograph of 
the author reading at the Onyx Cafe in 1992 by Jesse Hopkins
photo of S.A. Griffin performing at the Onyx Cafe in 1992, Los Angeles by Jesse Hopkins

S.A. Griffin is also the author of A One Legged Man Standing Casually On Hollywood Blvd. Smoking A Cigarette (1989, Shelf Life Press), Heaven Is One Long Naked Dance (1993, Rose of Sharon Press), Twisted Cadillac: A Spoken Word Odyssey (with The Carma Bums, 1996, Sacred Beverage Press) and Co-Editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (1999, Thunder's Mouth Press).

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