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Ethiopia Poem by David Rowe
Ascension, An Ode - fiction by John Henry
from The Majestic - poem by Errol Miller
signal to noise ratio - poem by M.T. Nowak
Miss. - poem by Scott Howdeshell
The Denver Suit - memoir by Charles Elmer Fox
Some Girl - fiction by Louis Baudrey
65 Cents - poem by Scott Gordon

With illustrations by David Rowe and Scott Howdeshell.


Ethereal - poem by Ace Boggess
The Hard Way - Introduction by Louis Baudrey
Greyhound Blues - poem by Artemis Verde
On The Street - fiction by Paul Perry
Mexico City Rhapsody - poem by David Rowe
Mr Burgie - fiction by Philip Tiso
Dippity Dippity Do - poem by Errol Miller
The Lower Rooms - fiction by Stasia Collins
Children of the Zócalo - essay by G. Tod Slone
Blues for Momma - fiction by Scott Howdeshell
Lisboa - poem by Kelley Braverman
The Hunger That Leads Me to Your Door - fiction by Louis Baudrey
On The Train - poem by Russell Helms
Bone-Head - poem by Marie Kazalia
Crack Baby Paté - fiction by Jack Miller
New Orleans Magazine Street Ode - poem by David Rowe
with artwork and photographs by Aaron Van Argersinger, G. Tod Slone, Roi Tamkin and James Kelewae


Three Days - fiction by McFaust
1947 - 1954 - poems by Randall Brock
expressway to your skull - cut-up of lyrics by Sonic Youth
The Farting-Biting Cat - fiction by Paul Hassing
shazaam & the piss yellow kid - poem by Scott Gordon
Wooden Nipples - poem by Russell Helms
Everything Falls Apart, Then Back Together, Just to Fall Apart Again - fiction by Louis Baudrey
Like Opium Smoke in El Paso - words by Catfish McDaris & artwork by Mike Tolento
The Wasteland - fiction by Alan Catlin
super-humper/opposite of solipsism - poems by Laura Joy Lustig
On the CIA Payroll - Charles Bukowski et al - essay by G. Tod Slone
Sampson - poem by Christopher Gibson
An Image Built to Last - fiction by Lori Pendleton
Jerusalem Syndrome - poem by T. Anders Carson
A Traveling Library - book reviews by Louis Baudrey



fact · fiction · fuck-ups

The inaugural issue of this simple 28 page zine (dubbed vagabond #4 incognito), features a wrap-around cover by Ang Kiukok, tightly packed with artwork and comics by Mike Tolento, Bitter Pie, G. Tod Slone and Brian Hagen, among many others, comic and zine reviews, some letters, a short story and a couple poems for good measure... the printer dude at Copy Max, upon scanning through the pages as they were being copied, ceased looking me in the eyes... he actually flinched when I offered him one at the end and said "OH NO!"

Perhaps the material was a little harsh for joe schmoe the copy guy. With images of dudes jerking off, getting blow jobs, talking to hags pissing on the street... the Karl Koweski story JESUS FUCKER illustrated by Low Down, religious zealots shoving a cross down somebody's throat... the poem by Gary Goude that begins "God sucks dick / Fuck you / God" ... Colin Delzell's sketches of iggy pop and deborah harry bar-b-queing, joey ramone and richard hell sitting on a couch hanging out with yoko ono and blondie, patty smith, lou reed's lincoln lean ... and straightjacket fashions by Jennifer Stanley ...

The zine that was rejected by its namesake, a favor gone awry, the future of phampleteria, and the last of its kind, the vis-a-septic zine remains like roadkill on the ventura freeway, something you don't want to miss. beat that blaspemy, mother fuckers.

Read the entire issue of vis-a-septic - fact · fiction · fuck-ups as a PDF.


vis-a-septic special edition
Catfish McDaris


"A World of Pain"
by S.A. Griffin

"Confessions on Easter Under A Full Moon"
by Catfish McDaris


"Mother Adventure Krim Krammed in The City"
by Marie Kazalia

coffeehouse etiquette
"Coffeehouse Etiquette"
by S.A. Griffin

Phony Lid Titles

A Masque of Infamy
a novel by Kelly Dessaint


Sex & Guts 4
edited by Gene Gregorits & Lydia Lunch


The Bus
a novel by Steve Abee


a novel by Joi Brozek


Memoirs of a Street Poet
poems by Frank T. Rios


Unborn Again
poems by S.A. Griffin


Erratic Sleep in a Cold Hotel
poems by Marie Kazalia


Dillinger's Thompson
poem by Todd Moore


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