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“The Detour Guide” published by MC Press

detour guide


My story “The Detour Guide” has been published on the MC Press website.

It is also available in Piltdownlad #5, which includes a road trip travelogue, a short confession about my time in foster care, a piece about my attempt to start a t-shirt business with a street person in Downtown LA, zine reviews and a “Letters and Comments” section that focuses on previous issues of Piltdownlad and the papernet.

“The Detour Guide” is part of the series: Adventures in the Tourist Trade

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The Armstrong-Dana House

The Armstrong-Dana House
2805 Carondelet St, New Orleans

An example of the Italianate style of architecture. Also known as John Armstrong House, was built in New Orleans in 1868 at 2805 Carondelet Avenue, the corner of Washington Avenue. The architect and builder was Frederick Wing. Originally a private family residence; from late 19th to mid 20th century, it was a residence for Episcopal Bishops of Louisiana (an episcopalian church built the same year is two blocks away). The current owner’s grandfather bought the house after World War 2, and divided the house, as well as the carriage house in the back, into an apartments.

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Walking Through The French Quarter

From Piltdownlad #2: WOMEN GOT ME DRINKING


Part of the series: Adventures in the Tourist Trade

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“The Detour Guide” – A Piltdownlad Excerpt

From the pages of Piltdownlad #5

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Piltdownlad #2: Women Got Me Drinking

Piltdownlad #2 – Women Got Me Drinking

Set in New Orleans during the early 90s, this is the story of my time as a hapless souvenir hawker in the French Quarter after I got a crush on the pen cart girl and my feeble attempt to woo her. Along the way, I describe wandering through French Quarter streets and a few of my numerous misadventures with bums, fast-talking cashiers, gutterpunks, poolhall sharks, prostitutes and my rabble-rousing neighbor. All part of my New Orleans experience.

Part of the series: Adventures in the Tourist Trade

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