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Downtown Public Art: Corporate Head sculpture 725 S. Figueroa

“Corporate Head” sculpture by Terry Allen (c. 1991)
Located at 725 S. Figueroa in downtown

Plaque on ground behind sculpture reads: “They said I had a head for business. They said to get ahead I had to lose my head. They said be concrete and I became concrete. They said, go, my son, multiply, divide, conquer. I did my best.”

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Downtown LA Street Art: Legislative Influence For Sale

Street Art on Alameda Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets in the Arts District.

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Downtown LA Mural: “El Nuevo Fuego”

242 South Broadway, Downtown LA.
On north side of the building.
Mural by East Los Streetscapers.
Completed in 1985.

Commissioned for the 1984 Olympics in LA, but not completed until after the games were over. Click here for background information on this mural.

Some of the athletes depicted include track-star Valerie Brisco-Hooks, Mexico’s championship walker Ernesto Canto, gymnast Koji Gushican, and diver Greg Luganis.

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Downtown LA Mural: The Bride & Groom

Location of mural:
242 South Broadway, Downtown LA. On northeast side of the Victor Clothing Co. building.

Mural by:
Ken Twitchell, 1973-1976.

Click here to read background information on this mural.


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