Mondo Video's last hurrah on Melrose. Halloween night. With Scott on guitar, sg and marshall halfstack, which became the only audible guitar once my amp crapped out. Went with an old fender Chorus that doesn't perform in an expected manner. With Don Bolles' Fancy Space People. Crappy PA. Sound very punk. Not our finest hour.

Garage in Gardena. YasuFest 2008. Decide to bring ampeg cause it's a garage. Bands playing metal... Metallica covers, fast, growling... Massive drumset, large Peavy cabinet and a marshall. Dan uses the other band's drums. Julian plugs into the Peavy. I start up with the ampeg and I can't hear my guitar but a tinkle. I plug into the marshall and we play it fast and hand with a punk rock sneer. It was raining. Broke Wah. Friends of Dan from work? I don't know. Never could quite figure it out. He is evasive.

Safari Sam's, Hollywood. With Kind Hearts and Coronets, Red Hearts and SpaceLord. First official Debut. Decent turnout. we go on first. Since we showed up early and soundchecked the sound guy got the tone just right and we did our thing. Great official "debut." We all played in the final act SpaceLord, Dan on tamborine center stage in front, Julian and I on our respective instruments.

Cafe Mariposa. Echo Park. Early show at eight. Double booked with an International Socialists Organization meeting 7-9. They were asked to surrender the room a half hour early and then adjourned to the sidewalk out front. The toilet was clogged and they couldn't get a plumber to fix it, so their was an oh-dear in the room and water behind the riser. No PA. Found out too late. Nobody we think to call has one. So we rent one from Stephan. Bought incense, moved couches. Everybody sat. Kile worked PA. Vocals sounded good. Positioning of amps questionable. Could have used another act. Or a dj. Started show off with ipod. After a while spanish radio comes through the ams and pa.

Redwood Bar & Grill. Downtown. with Rico Garcia from Shadow Jaguar solo. Geoff Booked. Now in jail for a parole violation. Julian Finalizes with the DJs Guzza and Joe Cool. Fair turnout. A lot of regulars in the bar, who scatter after the second song. Kile is running the board. Getting the vocals dialed in. After playing, outside for a smoke, some lunatic smashed into two parked cars in front of the bar and drove off. There were witnesses and the car's bumper with the license plate still on it. Doh! The police put it in the back of their squad car. Quite a scene, all these people from the bar out in the street examining the wreckage and giving random advice. Both cars totaled. The other one belonged to a guy that worked at the place. There was debris all over 2nd street and they had to take the cars away on a flatbed. Of course, we were playing so loud nobody inside the bar heard anything.

Silver Lake Lounge. Silver Lake.

Where are they now?
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