A Nervous Splendor Lyrics

In the glow of the TV set she looks so mysterious. Of all the things in this world that I want, my heart is full of regret. But is there any way to break through. A method to decipher the truth. Tell me, please man, what can I do? Cause I just want to find something I didn't even know I had to lose. In the glow of the TV set smoke lingers from her cigarette and when I think about everything I don't have I can't help but feel depressed... I just need an excuse. In the glow of the TV set, she drifts in and out of consciousness...

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They’re on to me or so it seems, but I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy. So I keep it to myself cause I don’t trust nobody else. And when you say you’re not accusing me, I never said you were, and yet I feel guilty. So I keep it to myself, I’d never blame somebody else. If telling you would kill you, to realize would be suicide. So I keep it to myself, cause you’re no different from anybody else.

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I’m the world’s most ordinary, least accomplished regular joe. And when I say that she looks at me like hey I told you so. But I’m not trying to make you laugh or even blow your top. No, I’m just not hip enough to pull something like that off. I’m not the last to know on earth, but I can’t ever say that I’m the first. I keep my eyes and ears on the curb, what did you see what have you heard? I missed the joke cause I’m so caught up, thinking I might be the only one. I just assumed you weren’t my type, I never thought my time would come. I’m not the last to know on earth, but you treat me like I just might be the first, I keep my eyes close to the gambit, when I see my chance, you know I’ll grab it, cause I feel so ordinary, unconnected from afar, and nothing separates me, when I’m alone I’m still apart. Now I feel so ordinary, a part of this new community, but I wear my uniform cause it’s ordinary like me.

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I went to the gypsy fortune teller to see if our love could last, but it just wasn’t in the cards she said, our union was a game of chance. I said please consult your crystal ball, ain’t there something in your old trick bag. I said I gotta find a way to change my fate, cause I want that girl so bad. But we’re star-crossed, our love never had a chance, cause our fate was already sealed before I ever held her hand. But I want that girl so bad. So I studied all about astrology in the daily classifieds, but there was nothing in our planets, our houses unaligned. So I talked to a drunk philosopher about the limits of destiny, but even he said love not in the stars above, will only end in tragedy. Cause we’re star-crossed... I took my case to the pharmacist, but they got no pill for this... I called my friends at the psychic hotline to see if they help with this problem of mine... then I went to see the preacher man to find out what the good book had to say, but his forgiveness couldn’t cure my lust no matter how much I pray. Cause we’re star-crossed...

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I woke up this morning with a pain in my head and I knew it was time I quit my job instead of giving my whole life away every day I can feel the physical strain. And I can never do what I want to do cause there’s nothing left when the day is through, I’m working so hard just to go to work, but I’m always broke and that’s what hurts. I’m working so hard, but I never, ever get that far. Oh, cash in my pocket, I don’t know how it feels, but a little cash in my pocket, I just know that I want it: Cash in my pocket. Now they’re gonna have to find somebody to take my place, cause I can’t maximize the minimum wage. Paid on Friday but it’s already spent, I got no walk around, man I can barely make rent. From working so hard, but I never, ever get that far. Oh, cash in my pocket... And it’s about time I realized I ain’t got no future and all my hopes are denied. It’s always been like this, but it can’t stay like this, cause I can dream… Just please don’t tell me it’s a dream. No, please don’t tell this is a dream... Oh, cash in my pocket... I was looking for a job when I found this one, and I’ll be looking for another, the time has come, but maybe this working life just ain’t for me, cause a working class hero ain’t nothing to be. You just work oh so hard, but you never ever get that far.

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One of these days when I have the guts I'm going to jump right in front of a crosstown bus, but I never had that much, no, I've never been that lucky, and it'll take more than a little bump to prove that I'm not that tough. So come on and satisfy me. Come on and keep me satisfied, cause it won't take much - I just need more than a touch. And I was tight rope walking, standing on solid ground, and when the whispers start talking, I move to another side of town. So come on and satisfy me, if you really want you can keep me satisfied. It won't take much... because I want it all... because I want it all... I'm gonna take it all... it won't take much, if you really want you can keep me satisfied.

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All songs copyright a nervous splendor. Lyrics by Kelly Dessaint.


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